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Mississippi Hip And Joint Replacement Lawyers

Mississippi Hip and Joint Replacement Lawyers

Our Mississippi hip and joint replacement lawyers represent patients
who have received defective hip and knee joints made by DePuy, Zimmer, Stryker
and other replacement joint manufacturers.
If you or a loved one recently underwent hip or knee replacement surgery
and received a defective prosthetic joint, you may be entitled by law to

Patients and surgeons have reported that defects in the
design and manufacturing of certain hip and knee replacement systems by DePuy,
Zimmer, and others cause a high rate of failure.  Problems encountered include failure of the
joint to bond with the patient’s bone, subsequent loosening of the joint,
dislocation, bone fractures, and other complications

Jackson DePuy ASR and Zimmer Durom Hip Lawsuits

If you are looking for a great law firm that handles Jackson
DePuy ASR and Zimmer Durom hip lawsuits, look no further than our Mississippi
law office.  We don’t just provide aggressive
legal representation, we are also committed to serving the needs of our clients
with outstanding client service.  We
understand the frustration you feel when your joint replacement surgery fails
due to a defective joint.

It can be devastating to undergo the pain and discomfort of
joint replacement surgery and months of recovery and rehabilitation yet still be
experiencing severe pain, swelling, and inflammation in your hip or knee that
requires further painful revision surgery and recovery to correct.

Mississippi Attorneys Who Handle Zimmer NexGen Knee Lawsuits

We can help when you need a dedicated Mississippi attorney
who handles Zimmer NexGen knee lawsuits.
Zimmer has recalled its NexGen knee system because of high failure rates
attributed to defects in the design or manufacture of the joint.  Patients who had Zimmer NexGen knee components
implanted have experienced painful loosening of the joint where it attaches to
the bone.

If you are one of the many Americans who has suffered from
the effects of a defective replacement joint, you may be entitled to fair
compensation, but there are time limits for filing suit.  Call our Mississippi law office today to
protect your ability to collect damages.




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