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Texas Hip And Joint Replacement Lawyers

Texas Hip and Joint Replacement Lawyers

If you are one of the thousands of Americans who needlessly
suffered pain, swelling, and discomfort due to a defective hip, knee, or other
artificial joint, call the Texas hip and joint replacement lawyers who can help
you get cash compensation.  For the
majority of the millions of Americans who undergo hip or knee replacement
surgery each year, the result is relief from joint pain due to injury,
arthritis, or disease.

Unfortunately, some prosthetic hips and knees were poorly
designed or improperly manufactured.
Most of these devices were later recalled or taken off the market, but
that doesn’t help those patients who are already suffering the effects of these
defective joints.

Austin DePuy ASR and Zimmer Durom Hip Lawsuits

When you need a Texas law firm that handles Austin DePuy ASR
and Zimmer Durom hip lawsuits, we can help.
Defects in these and other devices cause them to fail to bond, loosening
of the joint, fractures, inflammation, and swelling.  If you are still experiencing pain and
discomfort more than six months after your procedure, you may have received a
defective joint.

Hip and knee replacements should provide relief from joint
pain for about 15 years.  If your joint
pain returns less than five years after your surgery, this could be another
sign that you may have had a defective joint implanted.  For most patients with a defective artificial
hip or knee joint, the only treatment is a second or subsequent painful
revision surgery to replace the device.

Texas Attorneys Who Handle Zimmer NexGen Knee Lawsuits

Our Texas attorneys also handle Zimmer NexGen Knee lawsuits
and other defective joint cases.  We provide
aggressive representation to victims of defective hip joints and defective knee
joints in Texas and all of the United States.

Many of these replacement hips and knees were implanted long
after it was clear that they had a much higher than expected rate of
failure.  These manufacturers should be
made to pay for callously putting profits ahead of patient welfare.  There are time limits on filing suit so call
our Texas law firm today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation and
case evaluation.

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